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Residential Design

The one place where we expect to experience pure bliss and peace of mind, is our Home. A home is not just a house with a roof over our head and four walls protecting us, it’s the small things within the house that we interact with via our vision and touch generating that warm, safe and cozy feeling that we experience which in reality makes any house, a home.

As it is said, for you to feel homely you need to create that aura, which is where The Innovations comes into picture being one of the finest and most professional room interior designers in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is an innate part of any household, as the very food we enjoy sitting on our table is prepared here. A kitchen in any house needs to be appropriately designed, to ensure that it makes the whole process of cooking a pleasurable yet engaging experience. A well-planned kitchen will always ensure optimum usage of available space.

People hate the idea of spending hours inside an ordinary-looking space that is stuffed with utensils, containers, and home appliances while preparing a meal for others, as the process can become really monotonous sometimes. Kitchen space, therefore, requires serious and detailed attention while designing.z


Home Interior

Well, we all know that looking for someone credible to design living room interiors can be a tough task because a home interior room demands a suave décor, that aesthetically creates that welcoming yet comfortable vibe for your distinguished guests. The view of your living area can speak a lot about your hospitality and overall house interior. 

Don’t fret and leave this complex task to the design masters at The Innovation, who have added style, comfort, and convenience to a number of living room designs, regardless of the room size. A living room houses several significant aspects of a home, and not incorporating them in a visually pleasing way will make the place look tasteless and unwelcoming.

Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes play a very significant role in interior decor as they play an integral part in space management in our homes, and to some extent also showcase your lifestyle choices. The Innovation is here with an exceptional range of walk-in wardrobe designs for you to choose from, and make your own. 

There are many aspects to a wardrobe. Space planning, for and within a Walk-in wardrobe, depends on the installation space positioning and size respectively. There are numerous shelves to fit and cabinets to adjust, lightings to be put, floor carpets to be laid and above all, a small central island station needs to be planned, for you to sit, relax and ponder upon your look for the day.

Office Interior

Office Interior

We as Office interior design company know how to plan without compromising on design and visual appearance. We are heavily involved in the commercial office fit-out renovation and construction process and work closely with contractors and manufacturers to carry out detailed office furniture and interiors of the project including office cabin interior, home office interior, modern office interior, small office interior, and due diligence. 
The innovation demarcates the project’s scope of work, draws schematics and blueprints, selects the right materials, and helps the clients oversee budgeting and scheduling. Furnish your dream is a leading office interior design service supplier. At our interior design organization, we can give your office the ideal professional look in all aspects. 

Salon Interior

Furnish your dream is a leading Salon interior design service supplier. At our interior design organization, we can give your Parlor the ideal professional look in all aspects. We are a disciplined Interior space planning and design company serving clients in Mohali, Chandigarh.

The Salon fit-out company imbibes innovation and creativity in whatever we do to create flexible collaborative spaces for our clients and meet their current and future needs with extreme proficiency. Our Salon interior designer’s team can foster workplace design according to your needs. We believe in making workspaces, an extraordinary experience to remember.


Salon Interior